Fujian Putian distribution network will build one hundred billion market 
Fujian Putian Anfuku market, had to sell imitation shoes focus area is known for. In recent years, Putian City to take a combination of combat and transformation, promote local industry to the right way of imitation shoes. Putian City plans within three years to build a network of distributors Anfuku featuring online sales over billions of years, "electronic Yiwu." 
Wholesale net sales model brings unprecedented prosperity 
Night 11:00, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province, Mo Lei Lei Kou company still brightly lit hall, voices. After more than 30 young people took the shoes from the back of the hall warehouse receipts in a shoebox labeled courier, then drove to a few kilometers outside the enclave Fook courier market in the goods handed out. 
These people are getting goods  Kou Lei's consignment shop owner, during the day they wait for customers to place orders online, after 21:00 the unified company to Kou Lei getting goods shipped. As a distributor, Kou Lei's orders to the shoe, the different styles of shoes shipped to the company's warehouse, and then by their hundreds consignment shop owner to the hands of consumers by express way. 
This is a very unique market Putian Anfuku net sales wholesale model. Kou Lei year  company to sell 500,000 to 800,000 pairs of shoes, marketing amounted to 50 million to 80 million yuan. 
In the 1980s, Taiwan shoes in Putian undertake industrial transfer, Nike shoes and many other international brand OEM, formed a good industrial base. The mid-1990s, workers in some enterprises will design drawings or shoe stole out for fake people, and through a network of these imitation shoes sold abroad, Putian gradually formed a community-centered Fook shoe sales market. 
With 2007 after the sudden emergence of the domestic online shopping market, Anfu imitation shoes market unprecedented prosperity, the entire Putian formed a scale up to 20 million of net sales force, and led the shoe, logistics, online training and other related industries flourished . 
From "a fight in the end" to "spin combination." 
To fight against violations of intellectual property rights, beginning in 2009, Putian City, organized a multi-sectoral local imitation of an ongoing fight against the production and sale of shoes. Those who sell imitation shoes shop door, the government will find a sealed one. "Combating complete a Anfuku into a quiet state, basically no business for." Chengxiang Qujingmaoju Secretary Zhijun said. 
In the renovation process, Putian departments at all levels have found that simply may not be the best way to combat imitation shoes industry governance. Some counterfeits are constantly shift location, the more hidden deeper, let investigated difficulty getting bigger. 2011, the local government decided to change ideas, "in the end of a fight" against fake goods move from the "spin combination." 
"For the continued manufacture and sale of fake, we sustained the pressure up on the other hand, through policy support and guide the entire industry went to the ground from the ground, from the counterfeit to create their own brand." Chengxiang District Mayor Xu Jianping said. 
2011, will focus on the transformation of Chengxiang Fook market as the center, with a total planned area of ​​1,500 acres into a net sales for the characteristics of the electricity supplier industry gathering area. Core industrial area is Fook brand net sales demonstration area, accredited companies settled after the demonstration area can enjoy the rent, taxes, financing, marketing and a series of concessions and support. Meanwhile, the industrial district has standardized supporting the design, logistics, warehousing and other related industries.

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